Ben Bayley’s personality profiling assessment solutions are aimed at improving people productivity for our clients and are offered as part of our retained search and bespoke HR solution as well as on a “pay-per-profile” basis. (please contact us for pricing).

The personality assessment tool measures seven key aspects of a behavioural style. These are focused on the individuals  Dominance, Extroversion, Pace/Patience, Conformity, Energy Level, Energy Style and Fact/Feeling orientation. The profile will also measure the difference between how a person feels they are naturally versus how they feel they need to modify their style. This measurement would provide critical information to people managers on how to maximise performance within their team. Once our clients have performed multiple people profiles composite reporting is available. This integrates the results of multiple profiles to come up with one composite profile which can then provide the benchmark to measure other individual profiles thereby creating a top performer profile that works for each client. The top performer information can reflect the changes of the economic and cultural aspects of the clients business.

Ben Bayley’s Personality Assessment tool dramatically increases the chances of candidate success and employment longevity!

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Personality Profiling