Methodology - The Client's Pespective

A client may have a view about the organisations they would like to target in our search. However, our first task is to understand the characteristics and corporate culture before assessing the talent pool available to them. By speaking with our contacts and partners we are quickly able to get an accurate feel of our client's needs and objectives. A full report can be produced outlining the client's brief and why we have or have not pursued a particular individual. This service is usually available should our services be retained or under a managed agency.

Senior consultants leading a search will be present at every stage of the interview process. All interviews with selected candidates are thorough and probing and any specific doubts are checked in the market and resolved discreetly.

Further services available on a retained and managed agency basis include:

  • Documenting candidate professional strengths and weaknesses
  • Cultural suitability to the client company
  • Job mobility
  • Anticipated future direction
  • Candidate response to specific questions indicated by client

Short-lists can then be presented in a clear and concise manner through neat CVs and appraisal documentation.